Behind the Lens: 5 shots narrated by Tom Caridi

Versione Italiana

I started shooting photos in the fall of 2006 when I took a digital photography class while sudying abroad in Rome.

Needless to say, the eternal city was a great place to learn. After that it was mainly something I did when I traveled, but over the past few years I’ve been a bit more motivated to shoot.

Since I did things backwards by learning with a digital SLR, I decided to give film a try. I found not having the instant gratification of a memory card more satisfying. I tend to wait a few months before processing my film so there are always some nice surprises when I get it back.

Here are some of my favorite 35mm photos from my blog:


  • Andrew Rapoza, North Philly


The east coast is known for its rough spots, so this one in North Philly is no exception. There’s a ledge that we had to clear coat paint and wax a ton to be able to skate it, then you land on a sketchy downhill leading to a parking garage. The ground took a toll on my buddy Kap’s hand, but he still got his trick : )


  • Shaun Williams, kickflip, Sainte-Marie, France


This is a spot in the south of France that Lucas Puig made famous in Fully Flared. Not only is it a sick place to skate, but it’s a beautiful seaside town. With the vibrant colors and the water in the background, it’s kind of hard to take a bad photo here.


  • Cesar Leon, switch varial heelflip, Milano


This new spot at Casa Milan is a blessing for the Milano skate scene. It’s super fun and looks great on camera. Cesar is the kind of guy that won’t skate for a month but will always film a trick when he comes out. This switch varial heel is a perfect example. Grande Cesarito!


  • René Olivo, powerslide, Milano


This one is a bit dark but it was pretty dreary that day so I kind of like it the way it is. Rino is one of the most creative and stylish skaters I’ve ever met, and this backside powerslide through the gap pretty much sums that up.


  • Old man, “Sono invidioso di voi”, Milano


This old man hung out with us for a good half hour asking questions about skateboarding. He kept saying he was envious of us and he wished he was young enough to try. Then ironically a random old lady started yelling at us. It’s hilarious how people react so differently to skateboarding. They either love us or hate us!