10 ways to use a skateboard (without skating)

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How many times have you used an object for something it wasn’t originally intended for?

Extracting it from it’s initial purpose and giving it new meaning, creating a new tool.

Here are 10 alternative ways to use a skateboard, without skateboarding!

10 – Bottle opener

Extremely useful when you want to enjoy a cold beer with the homies at the end of a session.


9 – Tray

When not skating, your board can become a perfect tray. Useful for carrying all sorts of objects.


8 – Chair

Comfort has never been so accessible!


7 – Hammer

In an emergency, your skateboard becomes a perfect hammer.


6 – Weapon

As Eric Koston’s “Yeah Right!” intro has taught us, a skateboard can be used as a heavily persuasive accessory.


5 – Trolley

Skateboarding is synonymous to travelling so why not combine them to travel comfortably.


4 – Nail file

If you have good grip you’ll never have to spend money on a manicure ever again.


3 – Sex Toy

Quite genius when you think about it.


2 – Ladder

Getting over the barrier of curiosity has never been so easy.


1 – Poser

Unarguably the most common “non-skateboarding” use for a skateboard. Predominant in malls and the most hip cities worldwide.